Neighbourhood Parks and Green Spaces

This neighbourhood is lucky to have a number of parks and green spaces as well as Toronto Parks and Recreation's Bayview Arena.

Bayview Arena and BMX Bicycle Park
This facility is located at 3230 Bayview Avenue immediately south of the hydro fields. It has an arena that hosts hockey and free skating during the winter months and lacrosse and floor hockey during the warmer months. It also has a multi-purpose room that facilitates the running of other programmes and meetings. The BMX Park is located behind the arena. For a description of programmes at Bayview Arena and its hours of operation, please visit the Parks and Recreation web site at

The Hydro Right-of-Way and Dog Walking
The ravine-like lands of the hydro right-of-way border the south end of our neighbourhood. They are easily accessible from Maxome Avenue, Gustave and Conacher Avenues or from behind the Bayview Arena. There are paths suitable for walking with or without a pet. Please note that these are natural paths and are not maintained. In the wintertime, one of the hills behind the arena becomes a favourite spot for tobogganing. A dog-walking group meets daily in the early mornings behind the arena. Please feel free to join in!

The Hydro lands continue on the east side of Bayview. Halfway between Bayview and Leslie Avenues. These paths connect to the ravine path system maintained by the city, which follows the Don River from Steeles Avenue - downtown. This is a lovely place to walk, ride or skate. It's a little bit of country right here in Toronto!

Wedgewood Park
The park at the corner of Wedgewood and Pheasant Avenues has a children's playground, basketball court and several tennis courts all of which are open to the public.

Lillian Park
Lillian Park is connected to the east side of the Lillian Public School grounds. The park itself has a small children's playground but there is a far more interesting one beside the school. The park also has tennis courts and these are lit at night.

Debell Parkette
This is a quiet little park on Debell Lane (north of Newton, just west of Bayview) with playground equipment suitable for young children.

Newton Park
Newton Park is located at the intersection of Conacher and Newton Avenues. It has two sets of playground equipment, one for toddlers and the other for older children. It also has a one-net basketball court. This park is rather special to the BCNA; a committee of local residents designed it.

Athletic Fields behind Cummer LINC
There are large athletic fields complete with a baseball diamond behind the Cummer LINC school at 500 Cummer Avenue near Bayview. While these fields are often rented out, they can be used by all at other times for baseball, soccer, kite-flying, etc.

Gustav Park and entry to the Hydro Lands
This small parkette is located at the South end of Conacher Drive and is one of many accesses to the hydro lands.

Maxome Park
Located on the East side of Maxome Avenue South of Cummer Avenue and opposite Cummer Valley Middle School. The park is at the edge of the creek, which eventually joins the Don River to the East. Park equipment is suitable for small children. The stream is in a ravine, which runs West of the park and Maxome Avenue and continues all the way to Willowdale Avenue. This ravine and stream is the Southern boundary for our neighbourhood.

Caswell Park
The park is located on Caswell Avenue, which runs off Newton Drive just East of Maxome Avenue. The park is a large open space and has a sand area with playground equipment. In the winter the park has a natural ice skating/hockey rink, which is maintained by the local residents.

Anita Circle Park
Located on Newton Drive at Aneta Circle. The park has playground equipment on a sand base.