About Area

The Bayview Cummer Neighbourhood Association's area is bounded in the north by Steeles Avenue, in the south by the hydro concession, in the west by Willowdale Avenue, and in the east by Bayview Avenue. The Association is non political in nature and is there to serve all the residents of the area. Our main purpose is to make sure that the interests of residents are given consideration and that zoning rules are maintained for new infill housing and the expansion of existing houses. Please become a member and add strength to our efforts on your behalf.

The area started to change from farming to residential on the 1930s and had a significant boost from returning soldiers in the late 1940s. We have a commemorative plaque in one of our parks commemorating the return of the veterans.

The area has strong links with the pioneering past, as Cummer Avenue was the road to the mills on the Don River. There were seven mills between Steeles and Finch. Many of the streets are named for notable members of the area; Cummer and Risebourgh to mention only two. Our area is affected positively by its central location on rapid transit and easy exit to cottage country